Price of Bitcoin

Below is the real-time price of Bitcoin in U.S. dollars (USD). Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency built on a "blockchain" that uses group consensus and encryption algorithms to validate transactions on the bitcoin network. Since Bitcoin is not controlled by any government or central authority interest has grown in bitcoin as an alternate currency. Unlike currencies controlled by governments which are subject to inflation, bitcoin has a maximum number of currency that can be issued. New currency is issued to operators that validate transactions on the network as a reward for their work. Anybody with a computer is able to run the bitcoin blockchain software and operate as a member of the bitcoin network validating transactions.

Current Bitcoin Price

Last Price: $ 8230.11

Bid: 8229.17 Ask: 8231.05

Updated: Tue Nov 21 2017 07:29:24 GMT-0600 (CST)

Price of 1 bitcoin in USD