Price and voting rights are the only differences between GOOG and GOOGL shares of Google. Normally shares that have voting rights are more valuable than shares without voting rights. However in the case of Google stock the non-voting shares currently cost more per share. This was not always the case. As shown by the chart below, GOOGL shares were valued higher than GOOG up until around 2020.

Symbol Voting Rights Price
GOOG No $179.39
GOOGL Yes $177.66

Current Price Difference


Measured by subtracing the closing price of GOOGL from GOOG.

Stock Index ETFs
SPY S&P 500 ETF   548.99 -3.67 (-0.66%)
QQQ Nasdaq 100 ETF   475.24 -4.25 (-0.89%)
DIA Dow Jones ETF   402.95 -3.77 (-0.93%)
ONEQ Nasdaq Comp ETF   69.81 -0.59 (-0.84%)
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Price Spread

Close Price of GOOG - Close Price of GOOGL